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Podcast Feature: Forge - The Enneagram and the Gospel

podcasts Nov 26, 2019


Beth was recently a guest on on the Forge podcast, a leadership and business community for Christ-followers. 


Beth was thrilled to sit down with hosts Zac and Lilah Higgins for an episode all about using the Gospel-centered Enneagram to transform lives.  

They discussed Beth's introduction to this amazing tool almost 20 years ago and how she and Jeff eventually merged his seminary training with her extensive research to create their ministry. Their resources, ranging from a new book to courses, allow people to discover, explore, and become who God created them to be! 

Knowing our Types helps us understand our Core Motivations, which help us understand why we think, feel, and act the way we do. But the Enneagram isn’t meant to be a sword OR a shield. When we use it as a tool to become the healthiest version of ourselves, we break free of the constraints of our personalities and find lasting hope and freedom. 



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