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Podcast Feature: Confronting Normal

podcasts Feb 04, 2019

Beth was featured on the Confronting Normal Podcast Episode 38: Confronting Self-Awareness, Different Views of the World.

We all think our view of the world is the right view, but what if we learned to see the world through nine different types of lenses? How might it shape our views, open up our empathy and increase our understanding of the world in a more holistic way? This is exactly what makes The Enneagram the popular typology tool that it is today.

Today’s episode is a conversation with Your Enneagram Coach, Beth McCord — speaker, author, coach — about what it could look like for us to meet in the middle and honour one another in order to see our relationships flourish. Through greater self-awareness, we can learn that seeing the world from different vantage points can be a really good thing; and perhaps this is the way Christ intended for us to live and love and move as His body.


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