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Podcast Feature: Cultivating the Lovely

podcasts Aug 30, 2019

Beth was featured on Episode 131 of Cultivative the Lovely Podcast: Enneagram Deep Dive with Beth McCord.

Beth was honored to be a guest on MacKenzie Koppa’s podcast, Cultivating the Lovely, to take listeners on an Enneagram deep-dive. In this episode, they discussed finding true identity in Christ while using the Enneagram as a tool to help stay aligned with the Gospel. From embracing who God created us uniquely to be and living in His grace, to showing others more compassion when we understand their Core Motivations, MacKenzie and Beth covered so much good ground in this episode.

Cultivating the Lovely focuses on women following their God-given calling, so they chatted in depth about how women, especially moms, can get stuck in the comparison trap. The Christ-centered Enneagram allows us to see ourselves as God’s beautiful and valuable handiwork, formed intentionally by His hands.


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