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Podcast Feature: Diary of A Small Town Girl

podcasts Jul 18, 2019

Beth was featured on Diary of a Small Town Girl Episode 39: Small Town Enneagram Coach.

Beth recently had the pleasure of sitting down with life coach Jenn VanHekken to record an episode for her podcast, Diary of a Small Town Girl.

Jenn uses the Enneagram in her coaching business to more effectively help her clients plan for success and achieve their goals. Jenn and Beth discussed all 9 Enneagram Types, and how understanding our Core Motivations can make all the difference in fostering better relationships with our spouses, children, friends, and colleagues.

Ultimately, knowing who we are and Whose we are can lead us to an amazing peace and lasting freedom. We can trust in our God because He created us exactly and uniquely how He wants us to be.

Tune in now to this enriching conversation.


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