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Podcast Feature: Grace Enough

podcasts Apr 30, 2019

Beth was featured on the Grace Enough Podcast Episode 16: Enneagram from a Biblical Perspective.

Did you know there are lot of wrong ways to use Enneagram knowledge? Beth has studied this personality tool over the last 17 years, and has loved guiding so many people to that "aha moment" of discovering their Type.

But not everyone uses the insights they gain about their personality for good.

The Enneagram shouldn't be used as a shield to protect ourselves from criticism or doing the hard work of change. It also shouldn't be a weapon, used to attack others and justify negative patterns.

It's meant to be a GPS, a helpful tool that shows us when we get off course, and guides us back to our healthiest path.

Beth had a great discussion on this very topic with Amber Cullum, host of the Grace Enough Podcast, a community designed to encourage believers that God can use us to impact His kingdom no matter our story. They broke down every part of the Enneagram and how viewing our personalities through the lens of the Gospel helps us break free from the ties that bind us and find lasting health and hope.


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