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Podcast Feature: Living Easy

podcasts Jan 20, 2020

Beth was featured on Episode 13 of Living Easy - "How to Use the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Marriage & Healthy Friendships"

Beth recently sat down with Lindsey Maestas, host of the Living Easy podcast for an episode called “How to Use the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Marriage & Healthy Friendships.” Lindsey’s philosophy is to share life and community with honesty and authenticity.

They discussed how the Enneagram provides insightful language into why you think, feel, and act the way you do and can offer incredible clarity into your unique God-designed personalities. This self-awareness and help from the Holy Spirit bring freedom and transformation to your life, marriage, and other relationships.

When it comes to relationships, the Enneagram shouldn’t be used as a sword or a shield, but as a tool to shine a light on our Core Motivations. You can celebrate your strengths and own your weaknesses because Christ fulfills your every need and loves you as His beloved child! Once you realize this, you can extend the forgiveness, love, grace, compassion, and mercy that Christ richly bestows upon you to your spouse, family members, and friends.

Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion about loving your people well! 

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