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Podcast Feature: No Chill Enneagram

podcasts Mar 02, 2020

Beth was featured on Episode 9 of No Chill Enneagram - "My Wisdom is a Sneak Attack"

Beth recently joined hosts Richard Clark and Bethany Perkins for their podcast, “No Chill Enneagram,” for a fun conversation about both insightful and playful ways to use the Enneagram.

They covered topics ranging from which animal best represents each Enneagram Type to what kind of coach would be best for each Type. She also walked through Blind Spots, Converging Paths and how the Enneagram can serve as a wake-up call when we’re under stress.

While the Gospel-centered Enneagram can help bring major changes to people’s lives, it can also serve as a fun conversational tool, as you’ll hear in this podcast.

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