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Podcast Feature: Famous at Home (Part 2)

podcasts Dec 05, 2019

Jeff and Beth were recently featured on the podcast Famous at Home - Navigating Emotions With the Enneagram.

Jeff and Beth wrapped up a great discussion with Dr. Josh and Christi Straub of the Famous at Home podcast with a second episode on the Enneagram, emotions, and marriage.

They kicked off the conversation by highlighting how the Gospel-centered Enneagram not only helps see yourselves with more clarity but shows us how Christ satisfies our Core Longings and speaks directly to the messages our hearts long to hear. No person or thing can fill that longing in us except Christ, and it’s His great pleasure to do so! 

Each couple has a unique way of responding to life and one another based on their personality Types, which we call their dance. Their dynamic comes from the way they each see the world, which especially comes into play in communication and conflict. If we’re operating out of our Core Fears, we’re more likely to misunderstand and wound each other. However, when our hearts are at rest in who God says we are, we can approach each other with more grace and understanding.

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