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Podcast Feature: The Savvy Sauce - Deep Dive Into The Enneagram

podcasts Oct 30, 2019


Beth was recently featured in The Savvy Sauce's podcast Deep Dive into the Enneagram.

Beth was excited to recently return to Laura Dugger’s podcast, The Savvy Sauce. Laura’s podcast focuses on intentional living, something the gospel-based Enneagram is ALL about, so it was a perfect fit!

In this episode, “Deep Dive into the Enneagram,” Beth and the hosts discussed Lines of healthy growth and unhealthy stress patterns for each Enneagram Type. To better understand more depth of all Types, they also dove into the concepts of both Wings and Triads.

Part of what makes the Enneagram so useful is that it not only brings more self-awareness and insight into others, but also shines a light on how God has created us so beautifully unique! 




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