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Podcast Feature: The Collectives Co

podcasts Dec 11, 2019

Beth was featured on Episode 004 of The Collectives Co - "Your Enneagram Coach"

Beth was a recent guest on an episode of The Collectives Co. podcast called “Your Enneagram Coach” with hosts Rob and Jeff. The podcast serves to encourage college students and young adults to live in community and follow their faith and calling.

They launched into a quick discussion about the origins of the Enneagram, her introduction to it almost 20 years ago, and how it can be a valuable tool when viewed through the lens of the Gospel. She then explained how people can determine their Enneagram Type based on their Core Motivations and reviewed all 9 Types.

The Enneagram can help us better understand ourselves, improve communication, and shine light on relational dynamics between us and others. It shouldn’t ever be misused as a sword or shield, but to help us determine our heart’s condition and draw us closer to our Creator.

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