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Podcast Feature: The Refined Collective

podcasts Mar 02, 2020

Beth was recently featured on Episode 80 of the Refined Collective podcast: "Confused by Enneagram? We're Breakin' It Down for You"


Beth recently sat down with Kat Harris to talk about all things Enneagram for her podcast The Refined Collective, which aims to create a safe space for listeners to share their lives honestly and authentically. 


The Enneagram allows us to categorize people into 9 personality Types, based on their Core Motivations, or the “why” behind what they think, feel and do. When viewed through the lens of the Gospel, this powerful tool can serve as our internal GPS to help us become more self-aware, begin to notice patterns (both healthy and unhealthy) in our lives, and experience growth and freedom.


In addition to discussing how the Enneagram can be helpful in marriages, they also talked about how single adults can approach dating relationships with both healthy expectations for their partners AND desires for themselves!


Beth encourages you to jump into this insightful discussion about how the Enneagram can guide us to personal, relational, and spiritual transformation! 

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