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free downloads Aug 15, 2019

Hi, Enneagram Pals! It’s Your Enneagram Coach Beth, back to talk to you about Wings, an aspect of the Enneagram that can confuse people. I receive numerous emails, comments, and direct messages from folks trying to discover and understand their Wings, so I’d love to shed some light on the subject! 

Perhaps you’ve discovered your main Enneagram Type and started digging into your Core Motivations and path to growth. The next step is to discover your Wing! Everyone is a blend of their main Type and the two Types directly adjacent to it on the Enneagram. For example, a Type 2 will also demonstrate several of the characteristics of both a Type 1 and a Type 3. We use both our adjacent Types to some degree, and each number brings a unique flavor to our personalities. You can think of Wings like salt and pepper that enhance the flavor of a beautifully cooked filet mignon (Your Main Type)! 

Most of us gravitate to one of our adjacent Types more than the other, and that’s called our Wing. This is one of the reasons you may know two people of the same Enneagram Type who think and behave very differently. I’m a Type 9 with a strong 8 Wing. I notice myself exhibiting Type 8 characteristics when I passionately protect the vulnerable and help others gain more self-awareness, and when I’m bold and assertive. My 8 qualities motivate me, and make me a force (both good and bad) to be reckoned with at times!

You may have heard people talking about their Wings, but maybe you didn’t have a firm understanding or know how to use this knowledge as a tool for growth. I’m here to help with this FREE DOWNLOAD outlining the way each Type’s Wing influences their thoughts, words, and actions.  

As you read the descriptions, ask yourself how your dominant Wing is affecting your main Type. When and how are you most likely to draw on the traits of your Wing? Discovering the answers to these questions will lead you to more understanding of the way you were intricately created, and accelerate your journey to self-awareness, personal growth, and freedom! 

Understanding Wings for Each Enneagram Type

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